Family Violence Intervention Program

This has been a staple of our organization. We hope that it will continue to be. We are teaching clients how to take responsibility for their past total behaviors and for the change they want.


Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP)

FVIP Curriculum

Program Description: This program is certified by the Georgia Commission on Family Violence and the Georgia Department of Corrections. A minimum duration of 24 classes are conducted over 27 weeks, exclusive of the intake and program orientation The Duluth model and personal goals are embedded in all the modules.

Components of the program are:

  • Non-violence and Equality in Relationships (Duluth Model Explained): Laying the groundwork for attitude change and fostering healthy relationships
  • Non-threatening Attitude/Behaviors: Acknowledging ownership of violent thoughts/behaviors and seeking/implementing responsible alternatives
  • Coping Skills: Understanding that some things in life are inevitable and/or unchanging
  • Cognitive Distortions/Cognitive Restructuring: Understanding the thought process and feelings leading to violent behaviors
  • Assertiveness Training: Understanding personal rights and the rights of others
  • Effective Communication: Improving interpersonal communication and facilitating change
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