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    Chaperone Training

    <p id="h.p_ID_32" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q"><strong>What is Chaperone Training and Community Education from a sex offender perspective</strong>?</p><p id="h.p_ID_34" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q"><strong>Answer: </strong>Our program has been designed to assist individuals who <strong>are not </strong>sexual offenders learn how to be proactive and help keep our children safe.</p><p id="h.p_ID_36" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q"><strong>Training Goals:</strong></p><p id="h.p_ID_38" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q">• Preventing further victimization,</p><p id="h.p_ID_40" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q">• Assisting offenders in controlling their inappropriate and/or sexually offending behavior,</p><p id="h.p_ID_42" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q">• Promoting safety of children, and</p><p id="h.p_ID_44" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q">• Provide assistance with community supports.</p>
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    Choice Theory/Reality Therapy

    Choice Theory and Reality Therapy was created by William Glasser, M.D. Choice theory teaches the how and why of human behavior. Reality therapy and the WDEP delivery system teaches how we can assist individuals in gaining more effective control of their lives. Prerequisites:  To participant in this course, individuals will have to have completed the Basic Intensive training either virtually or with an approved WGI Faculty member.
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    Family Violence Intervention Program

    <section id="h.p_ID_18" class="yaqOZd"><div class="mYVXT"><div class="LS81yb VICjCf" tabindex="-1"><div class="hJDwNd-AhqUyc-uQSCkd purZT-AhqUyc-II5mzb pSzOP-AhqUyc-qWD73c JNdkSc"><div class="JNdkSc-SmKAyb"><div class=""><div class="oKdM2c Kzv0Me"><div id="h.p_ID_24" class="hJDwNd-AhqUyc-uQSCkd jXK9ad D2fZ2 OjCsFc wHaque GNzUNc"><div class="jXK9ad-SmKAyb"><div class="tyJCtd mGzaTb baZpAe"><p id="h.p_ID_32" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q">This has been a staple of our organization. We hope that it will continue to be. We are teaching clients how to take responsibility for their past total behaviors and for the change they want.</p></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></section><section id="h.p_ID_33" class="yaqOZd"><div class="IFuOkc"> </div><div class="mYVXT"><div class="LS81yb VICjCf" tabindex="-1"><div class="hJDwNd-AhqUyc-EehZO purZT-AhqUyc-II5mzb pSzOP-AhqUyc-qWD73c JNdkSc"><div class="JNdkSc-SmKAyb"><div class=""><div class="oKdM2c Kzv0Me"><div id="h.p_ID_39" class="hJDwNd-AhqUyc-EehZO jXK9ad D2fZ2 OjCsFc wHaque GNzUNc"><div class="jXK9ad-SmKAyb"><div class="tyJCtd mGzaTb baZpAe"><p id="h.p_ID_47" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q"><strong>Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP)</strong></p><p id="h.p_ID_49" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q"><strong>FVIP Curriculum</strong></p><p id="h.p_ID_51" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q">Program Description: <em><strong>This program is certified by the Georgia Commission on Family Violence and the Georgia Department of Corrections.</strong> </em>A minimum duration of 24 classes are conducted over 27 weeks, exclusive of the intake and program orientation The Duluth model and personal goals are embedded in all the modules.</p><p id="h.p_ID_53" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q"><strong>Components of the program are:</strong></p><ul class="n8H08c UVNKR"><li id="h.p_ID_55" class="TYR86d zfr3Q">Non-violence and Equality in Relationships (Duluth Model Explained): Laying the groundwork for attitude change and fostering healthy relationships</li><li id="h.p_ID_57" class="TYR86d zfr3Q">Non-threatening Attitude/Behaviors: Acknowledging ownership of violent thoughts/behaviors and seeking/implementing responsible alternatives</li><li id="h.p_ID_59" class="TYR86d zfr3Q">Coping Skills: Understanding that some things in life are inevitable and/or unchanging</li><li id="h.p_ID_61" class="TYR86d zfr3Q">Cognitive Distortions/Cognitive Restructuring: Understanding the thought process and feelings leading to violent behaviors</li><li id="h.p_ID_63" class="TYR86d zfr3Q">Assertiveness Training: Understanding personal rights and the rights of others</li><li id="h.p_ID_65" class="TYR86d zfr3Q">Effective Communication: Improving interpersonal communication and facilitating change</li></ul></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></section>
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    Lead Management

    <p id="h.p_ID_32" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q">Are you ready for your organization to change?</p><p id="h.p_ID_34" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q">Would you like to have more influence over the people you supervise?</p><p id="h.p_ID_36" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q">Would you like to learn to increase worker productivity?</p><p id="h.p_ID_38" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q">We are all looking for a more effective tool for our tool belt. What we offer is a tool designed to give the busy professional an opportunity to learn to have those they lead take ownership of daily tasks, learn to identify quality, and work towards quality on a daily basis.</p><p id="h.p_ID_40" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q">Lead Management is an application of Choice Theory (developed by William Glasser) in the workplace that gives leaders an opportunity to assist personnel in defining quality, self evaluating current productivity and improving output without coercion, bribery, etc.</p><p id="h.p_ID_42" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q"> </p><p id="h.p_ID_44" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q">Applications</p><ul class="n8H08c UVNKR"><li id="h.p_ID_46" class="TYR86d zfr3Q">Schools</li><li id="h.p_ID_48" class="TYR86d zfr3Q">Communities</li><li id="h.p_ID_50" class="TYR86d zfr3Q">Organizations</li><li id="h.p_ID_52" class="TYR86d zfr3Q">Governments</li></ul>
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    Parenting Group

    <p id="h.p_ID_32" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q">This group is based on Choice Theory and we use a curriculum (Peaceful Parenting) developed by Nancy Buck.</p><p id="h.p_ID_34" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q"> </p><p id="h.p_ID_36" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q">Peaceful Parenting Inc. (including the book, the workbook, coaching, or classes) teaches parents the skills necessary to navigate the push-pull relationship between themselves and their children. Parents learn how to create a loving, nurturing environment for children of all ages. Peaceful Parenting Inc. is different from other parenting programs. It does not rely on external rewards and punishments. Instead, Peaceful Parenting Inc. teaches parents how to understand and interact appropriately with their children following their children's internal genetic instructions.</p>
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    Quality Communities Program

    <p>This is our community service project. We are going from community to community teaching small groups of individuals how to use Choice Theory in their homes, neighborhoods, and communities. This program began in Fort Valley, GA at the Visions for the Valley program. It grew out of an idea Andrea Cooke had to bring information to the community where the people are. The first "Lunch and Learn" was presented more than one year ago and shortly thereafter we began using this as an opportunity to teach regular people about changing their lives. We look forward to continued expansion in this area.</p>
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    Sexual Offender Treatment Program

    <p id="h.p_ID_36" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q"> </p> <p id="h.p_ID_38" class="CDt4Ke zfr3Q"> </p>